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this Mama has a tax plan of her own

I know the Republicans put a lot of effort and expertise into the 2017 Tax Reform bill.  However, I have zero experience and barely understand basic economic concepts.  And yet, I’m pretty sure my tax plan is even better.

metal plate reads By Law We Must Collect Taxes

Here is the basic idea:  everyone pays a progressive percentage based on their income level.  But instead of the government allocating those tax dollars, the individual paying gets to decide.  On everyone’s tax form will be a list of expenses: military, domestic policing, fire department, education, roads, social services, etc, next to which will be an empty box.  You divide up your own taxes by percentage.  Maybe you want 100% of your taxes to go towards military one year.  Maybe you want it all to go towards women’s health services. Maybe you want to divide it equally among all categories.  Whatever.  You decide.

The system would have fairly good feedback, because as needs arise, you can allocate your tax dollars differently each year.  So if your roads are getting rough and bumpy, you can put more of your money in that category the next tax year.

I’ve been thinking this idea over on and off for several years, for a total of upwards of 7 hours, give or take.  So I think it is solid and implementable.  Best of all, I think Democrats, Republicans, Greens, Independents will all get on board because everybody gets what they want.

The only detail I don’t have locked down yet is the name.  What should this tax plan be called?


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they’re still riding the Bernie train

I never got on board.  Just about everyone I know boarded the Bernie Sanders train and most of them are still riding it on the railroad tracks to nowhere land.  Early on in the campaign, before the Democratic party stole the primary and handed it to Hillary, when Bernie Sanders was gaining ground and gaining popularity… oh, my liberal friends were eating it up.  They loved his unpolished demeanor and his message of equality, inclusiveness, and bold promises of public spending on healthcare, education, support for Planned Parenthood and Black Lives Matter.

Bernie Sanders photo by Gage Skidmore

Don’t get me wrong, I welcome those messages as well, especially in contrast to the lying, posturing, corporate greed and warmongering of the other candidates.  I agree with Bernie Sanders on the goals of equal opportunity and justice.  I suspect he doesn’t know shit about economics, but I don’t understand that stuff well enough myself to be sure.

What was a huge turn off for me was the obsession with Bernie Sanders the individual.  No nuance, no questioning or doubts expressed anywhere.  Just blind allegiance from the get go.  Bernie this, Bernie that.  Bernie, Bernie, Bernie.  Feel the Bern.  For months if I went on Facebook, that is all that I would see in my feed.

Gag me with a spoon! Yuck!  Clearly, I’m not a joiner.  Because as soon as masses of people are on board, I’m all “NO THANKS!”  These are people that I know personally, that I respect, that I enjoy spending time with.  People I love.

But I don’t love Bernie Sanders.  I don’t care about Bernie Sanders.  He’s just a man.  Both as strong and as fallible as any other human.  I will not ascribe superhuman qualities to any earthly person.  Not Bernie, not Obama, not even Stephen Curry.

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Odd Duck

I’m an odd duck.  Thats okay, I’m used to it.  I’m generally regarded to be pretty liberal because I’m a hippy environmentalist who grew up in California.  I make my own yogurt, ferment my own pickles, and grow my own sprouts.  So there’s that.

But I don’t always fit in the with the liberal leftists.  I’m very quick to question authority, no matter what side it represents.  I think championing abortion rights is a little creepy.  I think calling Trump a Nazi is absurd and pathetic.  I also think Trump is absurd and pathetic.  I fully support gay rights including marriage and even adoption.  But I think the party line regarding transgender issues may be seriously missing the mark.  I did not board the Bernie train.  I wasn’t even at the station.

I’m open to debate on any issue and I love learning new information.  At the same time, I have strong opinions which are undoubtedly heavily biased by my true nature and my upbringing.  I’m extremely judgmental.

I’m anti-consumerism.  I care more for experiences than objects.  I’m a little introverted.  I have a small circle of close friends and family and totally enjoy being alone.

sunset over lake tahoe with clouds

Most of all, I love the outdoors.  My highest value above everything is gentleness towards the environment and all the living creatures.    (Still a meat-eater, though, because it’s natural.)   I think environmentalism is the perfect cause to unite all people.  Faithful worshippers should want to protect God’s creation as much as I do.  We all live in the environment.

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