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R. I. P. Diane Kitten

R. I. P. Diane Kitten

Our first official family pet was a 3 1/2 yo black lop eared rabbit. We got him through friends of friends who’s daughters weren’t paying him enough attention any more. We were told his age, he is a boy, and his name is Pepper. After just a couple weeks, I started calling him Mr. Buns because Pepper is gender neutral and I felt I couldn’t really associate a full persona without identifying him with a gender. The moniker Mr. Buns stuck and lasted for the remaining five years of his life.

So when I read this post by WhiteGirlsBeLike, I could relate on many levels. And then it occurred to me – What If Mr.Buns Was Never A Boy Rabbit?! What if he was a girl. IDK, we never took him to the vet ever. At the time, I felt confident in the information that was passed along to us, but I never even met the people that owned him. I don’t know if they had ever taken him to the vet either. I guess I’ll never know.

Not that it matters. He will always be Mr. Buns. RIP Mr. Buns

White Girls Be Like...

(Well, not really.  I mean, kind of.  Like you think you know someone for a whole year and then they turn out to be a completely different person so you sorta feel like the person you knew is dead.  That’s where I’m at right now.)

Alessandro and I finally took Diane Kitten to the vet after almost a year of having her (not out of neglect, we’re poor) but because she randomly started coughing and it was clear she was having trouble breathing.  We rushed her to the kitty Emergency Room and found out she has asthma so it’s all good and she has medicine and feels much better now.

We found out some things like she’s about 2 years old and has a little tracker in the back of her neck (which I totally wanna remove, especially considering we looked for her owners for a longggg time and nobody…

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