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What The Heck Does “Manly” Mean?

What The Heck Does “Manly” Mean?

When Brother was young I gave him a plush baby doll to play with. He named it iBaby and took it to kindergarten on the day everybody brought a stuffie toy for show and tell. But even so, it was never one of his favorite toys and didn’t get that much play time at home. We resisted giving our kids toy weapons for years. When we finally did let a couple toy guns and swords into the house they immediately became favorites. That was okay because they would go outside and run around and act out fabulous adventures while breathing fresh air and getting exercise.

I like this blog post by Moderate Mama because it shares and instinct for balance, practicality, and tolerance. That is Good Parenting.

Moderate Mama's House

Standing in the express line at our local Kroger store, I found myself behind an elderly gentleman holding a large, vibrant arrangement of flowers. The line was long so I decided to interrupt his internal conversation and impose upon him my curiosity.


Turning only his head and left shoulder, he quickly stated…


The quickness he used in answering my questions was the same quickness he used while turning his back to me.

Naturally… I kept right on talking.


5.68 seconds past and the gentleman turned around on his own accord in order to inform me that…


To which I replied…


Uncomfortable with my presumed, unspoken assumptions about this gift of man-flowers, he explained…


To which I replied…


Even though my thoughts had been verbalized in the form of praise, he was still insecure that his manhood had been compromised.

So he added…


All I could do was smile my smile and giggle a wee bit.

Why can’t a man be comfortable giving another man flowers?

Men obviously enjoy beautiful things, I mean they enjoy us…

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On the Necessity of Parents’ Doing their Children’s Homework.

I was jaw-drop shocked when I went to school with my fourth grader and his mission project and saw all the mission models that had been made by these students PARENTS. WTF? No adult in their right mind would think these little 9 and 10 year old had built these mission models. So why are they getting extra credit for it?

I stupidly let my son make his model all on his own out of corrugated cardboard. And he did a brilliant job, imitating his specific mission and building a sheep pen with sheep in it, an element again specific to his mission. But he was so embarrassed when he saw the store-bought kit models that other kids brought to school that he left his own creation in a plastic bag in the corner of the classroom and wouldn’t even display it. (sad mommy tears)



As I said in the previous post, rebellion is in the air. A rebellion against the oppression of homework and the tyrannous teachers who spoil the quality of students’ life assigning it. However, while analyzing these vigorous movements, I have realized that here in Italy, as usual, there is an anomaly. In fact, they do not seem to be grown out of the necessity of those “ill-treated” students, as it would be normal to assume, but rather, their parents’. It seems a kind of weird, I know, but it actually explains the nature of the phenomenon and why this generation of parents feels haunted and frustrated about homework habit: THEY do their children’s homework, that is all .

pin3Of course, I cannot but unconditionally sympathize with them, as that was the “duty comes before pleasure and leisure” generation, my generation. Our parents would  have never dreamed of questioning the necessity…

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Dear ScaryMommy, Marginalizing Dads is a Scary Mistake

Papa Does Preach


Since becoming a father, I, like many people, have spoken up about dads playing more of an involved role in the upbringing of their children, as well as how the increased involvement is not only being downplayed but even ridiculed by still so many. And being the kind of person who loves to whip out my soapbox from time to time, I never have a problem when it comes to defending fellow dads.

2014 has been unofficially deemed the year of the dad. We’ve seen some pretty big strides taken to help break down the stereotypes of the idiot dad, but it still feels like we have a long way to go. For every hip and cool commercial, like #HowtoDad from Cheerios and the call to celebrate dads with Real Dad Moments by Dove Body Care, we still encounter examples of dads being marginalized on a daily basis. Some men…

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