they’re still riding the Bernie train

08 Dec

I never got on board.  Just about everyone I know boarded the Bernie Sanders train and most of them are still riding it on the railroad tracks to nowhere land.  Early on in the campaign, before the Democratic party stole the primary and handed it to Hillary, when Bernie Sanders was gaining ground and gaining popularity… oh, my liberal friends were eating it up.  They loved his unpolished demeanor and his message of equality, inclusiveness, and bold promises of public spending on healthcare, education, support for Planned Parenthood and Black Lives Matter.

Bernie Sanders photo by Gage Skidmore

Don’t get me wrong, I welcome those messages as well, especially in contrast to the lying, posturing, corporate greed and warmongering of the other candidates.  I agree with Bernie Sanders on the goals of equal opportunity and justice.  I suspect he doesn’t know shit about economics, but I don’t understand that stuff well enough myself to be sure.

What was a huge turn off for me was the obsession with Bernie Sanders the individual.  No nuance, no questioning or doubts expressed anywhere.  Just blind allegiance from the get go.  Bernie this, Bernie that.  Bernie, Bernie, Bernie.  Feel the Bern.  For months if I went on Facebook, that is all that I would see in my feed.

Gag me with a spoon! Yuck!  Clearly, I’m not a joiner.  Because as soon as masses of people are on board, I’m all “NO THANKS!”  These are people that I know personally, that I respect, that I enjoy spending time with.  People I love.

But I don’t love Bernie Sanders.  I don’t care about Bernie Sanders.  He’s just a man.  Both as strong and as fallible as any other human.  I will not ascribe superhuman qualities to any earthly person.  Not Bernie, not Obama, not even Stephen Curry.

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