Odd Duck

06 Dec

I’m an odd duck.  Thats okay, I’m used to it.  I’m generally regarded to be pretty liberal because I’m a hippy environmentalist who grew up in California.  I make my own yogurt, ferment my own pickles, and grow my own sprouts.  So there’s that.

But I don’t always fit in the with the liberal leftists.  I’m very quick to question authority, no matter what side it represents.  I think championing abortion rights is a little creepy.  I think calling Trump a Nazi is absurd and pathetic.  I also think Trump is absurd and pathetic.  I fully support gay rights including marriage and even adoption.  But I think the party line regarding transgender issues may be seriously missing the mark.  I did not board the Bernie train.  I wasn’t even at the station.

I’m open to debate on any issue and I love learning new information.  At the same time, I have strong opinions which are undoubtedly heavily biased by my true nature and my upbringing.  I’m extremely judgmental.

I’m anti-consumerism.  I care more for experiences than objects.  I’m a little introverted.  I have a small circle of close friends and family and totally enjoy being alone.

sunset over lake tahoe with clouds

Most of all, I love the outdoors.  My highest value above everything is gentleness towards the environment and all the living creatures.    (Still a meat-eater, though, because it’s natural.)   I think environmentalism is the perfect cause to unite all people.  Faithful worshippers should want to protect God’s creation as much as I do.  We all live in the environment.

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